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Personal Styling: How does it help you?

What to wear, what to wear....ho, hum.

The number one question I hear is "what should I wear?" And I get it! We're capturing major treasured memories here. Moments that will be displayed on your wall, in an album, sent out to family for the holidays.....the pressure!

Don't worry - I've got you! Along with my Style & Concept consultation comes personal style advise!

We'll start by discussing colors. These can include your favorite colors, colors you look good in or wear often, and the colors in your home. Why do your home colors matter? Wall art! We're designing your customized space the same way an interior designer would, and that means taking into consideration the colors that you use throughout your home. We want wall art to fit in and be cohesive. If your wall colors warm neutrals with pops of navy on your furniture you probably don't want bright red or hot pink on your wall.....or do you? These are the things we will discuss!

Once we have a rough idea of a color palette we'll take a look through your closet. I'll help pull out items that could be used including layers. If you have ideas in advance feel free to show them off! We'll also take a peek at your partner's wardrobe (if applicable) and see what we can coordinate. And, of course we'll see what the little have too!

I have a number of items available to choose from my client closet, should you or your child need additional options and we can discuss these in advance. If you're not a part of my VIP Facebook group be sure to join so you can get first hand looks at items in the client closet.

If it looks like there are still some decisions to be made, and maybe some shopping to do, I'm happy to create a personalized style board to help you out! The board helps to narrow down your color palette so you don't get overwhelmed. I also link to some options available for purchase for easy shopping. And, occasionally I will offer a buy back where I'll cover 50% off the cost of the item on the condition I can add it to my client closet after our shoot!

By the end of the process you should feel confident that we've created an attractive, interesting and cohesive style for the whole family!

Customized Style Board with final photos ©Chickey Little Photography 2022


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