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Blink and you miss it: the importance of documenting "now"

You know it. I know it. "The days are long but the years are short." You're in it now! And sometimes stopping to smell the roses is just too much to handle, am I right? Days go by in a blur, while you're just trying to survive. Wouldn't it be nice to set aside some time to tune in? Think about what you love most about these days? Pick three of 4 things things. Maybe it's snuggling up with your mini-me on the couch and reading a book. Maybe it's painting her toes. Or watching her face when she tries something new to eat that you know she's going to LOVE! Maybe it's bath time with extra bubbles, or when she's finally asleep. Every moment is special, and no matter how hectic things are and how stressful each task can feel, you're going to miss these days.

I truly believe authentic moments captured on camera will become one of your most valuable possessions. Do you ever find yourself scrolling through you phone looking at pictures of you children when they were babies (even if they still are) and getting caught up in how much has changed? It's amazing! Now picture a scenario where we can orchestrate a day and make sure we capture your favorite moments as they are, right now (with nice light and angles too!).

An in-home documentary style session, whether it be with your newborn or your growing children is an amazing gift to yourself and your family. We talk about activities and moments in advance to make sure we plan what we want to commemorate and the amount of direction given is up to to you. A fun day-in-the-life of your and your pod.

And I promise, you'll never look back and wish you had less photos of your children!


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