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How to Find the Perfect Photo Shoot Location

Choosing a photo shoot location might seem like a big deal but it really doesn't have to be difficult. A location usually drives some of the other decisions you will need to consider for your shoot so it’s important to choose the right place. The good news is there are tons of varying locations is the Boston area. From urban backdrops to parks, woods, farms, mountains, and even your own back yard the possibilities are endless. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you decide on a location:

  1. What kind of feeling do I want? If a particular building or natural backdrop would work well with your goals, look around your area for spots that meet your requirements. If you don't know what kind of backdrop you want, take an afternoon drive around your city for inspiration. It's easy to overlook beautiful spots that are practically in your backyard. Ask family, friends or your photographer for ideas too. Often beautiful images are taken on the side of the road and you'd never know! Keep you eyes open and don't be afraid to suggest locations to your photographer.

  2. Are you allowed to take pictures there? Make sure that you can legally take pictures at the location that you have in mind. If it's not public property or available to the public you will need to get permission first. Your photographer should already know, or be willing to find out the rules about their locations. Many times photographers already have memberships to parks or trustee spaces in the area. Ask if fees are included.

  3. Is it accessible? Consider that not all outdoor locations may be available all year round or you might not be able to get to them at all. You and your family's safety is also an important aspect to think about before you decide on a location. Taking pictures on a mountain ledge may look neat but it’s best not to put yourself in harm’s way. And train tracks are a popular idea, but highly illegal.

  4. How do you get to your location? Will it be easy to walk to the session location and if not, are you able to change your clothing and touch up your hair and makeup before the shoot? You should also find out whether there is a restroom that’s close enough in case you need it.

  5. Will the photo session be in a public place? If the location you have chosen has a lot of foot traffic, you need to ask yourself whether you are comfortable being photographed in front of others. If not, you might want to rethink your choice in location. Additionally, popular spots are, well, popular! You may need to wait for others to clear out of the shot during the shoot.

Make sure that your location doesn’t become a distraction and that there is shelter nearby if you need it. Your location tells a story so it’s worthwhile to choose a meaningful spot.

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