Family films are such an amazing way to capture the beautifully ordinary everyday moments and connections that we tend to take for granted. My art and photography is ever evolving, and what I've come to find I'm most passionate about it storytelling and preserving moments in time. Film gives life to the still images, stirs emotions and becomes so cherished. Being able to step back into a memory at any time is truly an amazing gift.


I offer two options for family film packages. Film only or my Photo & Film package that includes around 30-50 photos that are taken alongside filming and presented in a professional photo book. The photos are not stills of the video, but composed independently during our session.

Session are laid back and natural. They generally last 2-4 hours and can be as simple as going about your daily routine - waking up, snuggles, breakfast, getting dressed, playing etc. I suggest incorporating some type of activity, maybe something you love to do as a family - baking, a project, a trip to the park, washing the dog etc. I'm happy to travel with your family if you'd like to change locations. I provide little guidance and am more of a fly on the wall, observing and documenting those small moments and connections that naturally occur, leaving you with a genuine memory that is true to you and your unique family.