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about me

art is my jam.

My first real photographs were taken during my highschool photography class, on film and developed by me in the darkroom (if you can believe that!). At the time I had a regular babysitting job and my favorite subject was my 2 year old charge. I took photos of her every chance I got, much to the delight of her parents!

My love of art led me to pursue a BFA degree which I earned at Alfred University School of Art and Design. Studying at in the U.S. and abroad I’ve spent many years developing my eye for composition, color and how to capture emotion in a single frame.

Capturing personality and connection through photography and turning those moments into a work of art is my specialty and I embrace the opportunity to provide you with beautiful and authentic memories and artistic heirlooms for you and your family to cherish for years to come.

When I am not taking photos I love to travel, eat good food and make memories with my husband and two boys.

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