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Your Child
As Art

Painted Portrait.jpg

Feel what it's like to
commission an original piece of art

Elevate your family portraits with cherished works of art. Our fine art painted portraits capture the grace and beauty of your family in a truly unique way adding a sense of sophistication to your home. These images aren't just pictures – they're timeless heirlooms that will be passed down and cherished for years to come.

With a degree in oil painting I take pride in my work and 

these portraits are each digitally hand painted myself with love.

Packages include a custom studio photo session, access to our client closet and

premium wall art in the medium that best suits your style and your home.

Get Inspired

Curated for You

And Your Home..

"This is Parenting" Series

Or consider a super fun alternative and a truly unique experience -  my "This is Parenting"series! A fully customized session just for you! We will work together to come up with an outline of what the final image will entail, but it will combine chaos, humor, and what it sometimes feels like to be a parent! This is a fun project for the whole family and creates a truly one a kind piece of art!


"This is Quarantine"
-Chickey Little Photography

Quarentine Composite LOGO.jpg


"This is Christmas"
-Chickey Little Photography

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