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Have you ever looked at a photo and been transported right back to where you were when you took it (or maybe had it taken)? I've always loved that feeling. A photo that captures exactly what was going on right at that moment in time. What was happening, how we were feeling, it can be like magic.

Lifestyle family photos differ from your typical session in that they are documentary style. Typically taken in your home, these photos capture your every day lives - activities, routine, connections, family dynamic and love. They can be done in a shorter session where we focus on one or two activities, or in a longer "day-in-the-life" session where I document a chunk of your daily routine.


The sky is the limit when it comes to the type of activity you'd like to document. We can shoot your morning or bedtime routine, an activity like baking, egg dying, a craft project, etc. Washing the dog, washing the car, playing outside, board games...anything you'd like to freeze in time.  Don't discount what may seem too normal. There is beauty in the ordinary and these are moments I can guarantee you will come to appreciate more and more as time passes. If you have an idea just ask! And if you don't, that's fine too. I have lots of ideas and I have a nice little questionnaire I can send your way that can help us brainstorm! Sessions are typically 2-4 hours. 


A "day in the life" is typically documenting your whole day together! From wake up to bedtime (or anytime in between) we will capture what life is like for you, RIGHT NOW.  

Typically a series of storytelling images are shot with the end goal of either an heirloom album or a series that can be displayed as a wall collage or multi-image frame. Of course you can do whatever you like with the images, but keep in mind the complete story will be told when the entire collection (or a good chunk of it) is viewed together. I will be there to guide you through the decision making process to make sure we have completed the project together! 

In-Home Documentary Family Session

Link to this full gallery

"Cookie Making"

This was a part of a series I did that also included a family film, but the images can still clearly tell the story on their own. This is a great example of beautifully ordinary moments and makes a great album to look back on and remember what things were like way back when. 

"Getting Dressed"

This is just us getting dressed in the morning. A 5 minute activity that happens everyday, but I'm going to love the reminder in a few years! There are a lot more adorable nakey shots in this series, but you get the idea. The struggle is real!


Storyboard framing is one of my favorite ways to display these types of series

"Rock Tumbling"

My guys got a rock tumbler for Christmas this year, and that thing has been rattling around in the basement ever since. Every time it's time to change the grit there is big excitement about how shiny they're all going to be. I grabbed the camera to document this one, and think you can really get a sense of the interest and enthusiasm. 

"Holiday traditions and hot cocoa"

Okay, let's be real. We don't normally drink our cocoa amongst perfectly arranged dried oranges and pre-strung garland, but there's nothing wrong with a little stylizing! I had a great time designing this set up and I think it made for some picture-perfect classic and memorable moments! Also, I learned how to make dried oranges that I can use again next year!

"The train station"

Who needs fancy museums and play spaces when you have the train station? These guys LOVE coming here. The conductors practically know us by name at this point. I'm sure the draw will eventually grow old, but I'll be happy to have these memories to remind myself of some of the simple pleasures of their childhood.

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