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Who doesn't love family photos? They really are special. Freezing a moment in time and looking back in a few years - it's just amazing how much can change in such a short amount of time. It's wonderful to have a nice family portrait to hang on the wall, and I love seeing families together in these images, but it's the REAL moments that are the ones you are going to cherish. 

I approach my family sessions in a few ways. First, what do YOU want?

Do you want a stylized shoot, maybe where everyone gets to wear something fashion forward? Do you prefer a more comfortable casual look? Are you looking for mainly portraits or do you love candids?

Family pictures should be fun! It's important to take into consideration the comfort level of not only your children but you as well. Allowing some warm up time is a huge help in achieving natural images. Usually we take some time to explore the area, or if we're at home, let the kids show me around a bit before diving in. This gives everyone a chance to relax and get comfortable. My photographic style is natural and candid. Taking the time to allow your family to explore, take a walk, play and interact with each other gives me the opportunity to capture personality in both portrait and candid styles. I will provide direction, suggestions and games to help everyone relax, as well as set up and location ideas along the way, and while I will make suggestions regarding positioning we do not generally do too much formal posing. 

The session is roughly an hour long (depending on everyone's moods and cooperation) and on average, you will receive 25-50 images to choose from.

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