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Time is whizzing by and you've only just begun! Maybe Baby isn't even here yet, but already you feel how fast it will go. Don't miss the opportunity to capture these first moments with your new little one. The beginning weeks are fleeting and changes will happen so quickly. Tiny toes, gassy smiles, the uncertainty of new experiences, and generally figuring out this whole baby thing are all things to be remembered. 


Capturing this special time with beautiful imagery is something truly unique and I promise, you will never regret having documentation of these quick, but amazing first moments in your family's lives.  


We provide both gorgeous images of your growing family and authentic moments you will cherish forever, all while making sure you look great, feel confident and have fun!

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How it Works

We do things a little bit differently to make your life EASIER!


Schedule a Call

Talking on the phone? What is this, 1995? I get it. But this is a really important step. Chatting "in person" give you the opportunity to tell me what you have in mind, get all of your questions answered and learn why choosing us is going to solve all of your problems! Wink wink. 

So let me give you call!


Planning Your Session

This is one of the most appreciated parts of your experience. Before your session we will meet in your home for a Style & Concept consultation, where we will plan out all of the details of your session. That way, when I come in for the big day we'll already be friends and have a solid plan! 


The Big Day

It's here! I will arrive at our pre-arranged time and will begin with details and individual shots of your baby. We will then move on to combinations of Baby with different members of the family and all together in different spaces. We can also incorporate interactive activities like reading or a bath! And don't forget your fur babies!

(I bring everything we need for Baby! Anything you add is completely up to you, but if you choose, you don't need to do a thing!)


We Won't Leave You Hanging! 

After your images have been soft edited, we will meet back up for a premiere ordering appointment (typically in your home to make things easier for you), I will expertly guide you through the process of choosing your very favorite images and the perfect products and artwork to compliment them! When I leave, your work will be done and all you need to do is get back to life with your new little one!


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