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Why you need documentary photos with your family heirlooms

Your life is crazy. Kids are yelling, you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off, everyone wants a snack and you can't find your phone. Sound familiar? It can be easy to go into auto-pilot and just try to make it through every day, and that's totally normal! But what happens 2, 3, 10 years from now when things are completely different and you look back on these times of chaos with a sense of nostalgia. Longing for the days when running out of cheerios at the park was your biggest crisis.

Documentary photography is just what it sounds like. Documenting the real things that are happening in your life and telling a story with those photos. And to me they are one of the most valuable types of photography, because these are moments and routines that WILL change, fade and evolve and I want to give you a way to revisit some of the little memories that are unique to your family.

But, I have a phone and take zillion pictures a day. What's the difference?

Ah yes, phone pictures! They're amazing! I have an iphone with a great camera and it takes clear pictures with fantastic colors. BUT, there are a few key differences between its capabilities and my shmancy professional camera and photography know-how which allow me to have full control over a number of technical and creative factors, all of which allow me to not only capture the moment, but enhance it and turn it into ART. Oooooooooo!

Also, who's usually missing from the photos? That's right, the photographer. And who's usually the photographer in your house? Let me guess, is it you?

Hiring a professional photographer is a luxury, and a fun one at that! And just because you're investing in a luxury experience doesn't mean you have to get all glammed up. Especially in this case. We want to capture "real." Now, that doesn't have to mean SO real that you have a cereal milk stain on your shirt and haven't showered in a week, but you get the idea. You don't need red lipstick and heels, or for every item in your house to be in it's exact place or your children to be dressed for church. Consider what will look good down the road. What's important to you and authentic to your family.

So what DO I want to capture?

Think about your days. What does your routine look like on a day with your family (if you work full time think about weekends). What are things you do everyday together. Eat breakfast? What do you have? Where does everyone sit? Do the kids help make it? Get dressed. Do they dress themselves? Do you go up to their room or get clothes out of the dryer? Playtime. Do you play with them? Do they have a favorite game? Is there a chair they always sit in? Do they like to play outdoors? Chores. Do the kids help with anything? Watering the garden? Checking the mail? Setting the table?

These activities might seem boring or mundane, but I guarantee you'll miss them when they change and they're more adorable than you may think!

How does a session work?

Sessions are about 2-3 hours where we document some of the activities that take place in your house on a daily basis. I will send you a questionnaire prior to your session where we will discuss some activities that you'd like to capture during the course of your time. When I arrive I will check the light and slight modifications may need to be made, but we'll try to keep everything as authentic as possible. Indoor and outdoor shooting is available. We will move from activity to activity spending some time letting everyone just "do their thing." I will move around the space and around you, but you don't need to do anything too special, unless you feel it fits the moment. Don't bribe or direct. Keep it light and relaxed and everyone will be their best self!

What do I do with these photos?

Funny you should ask! Feel free to check out my other blog post: The Three Best Ways to Showcase your Storytelling Images

If you're interested in learning more about a documentary session, or any of my other photography options feel free to contact me.


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