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Visual Storytelling. What is it?

Have you ever looked at a photo and been transported right back to where you were when you took (or maybe had it taken). I've always loved that feeling. A photo that captures exactly what was going on right at that moment in time. What was happening, how we were feeling; it can be like magic!

Since the pandemic, and being stuck at home (did I say stuck at home? I meant, "now that I got to spend so much time") with the kids I've gained a further appreciation for documenting all the little moments. In March of 2020 I began documenting our two weeks of quarantine. School shut down and I, being the type A person that I am, immediately quizzed my 5 year old on what they do at school everyday and made a chart for the wall. For the first few days we stuck to the schedule but in not much time things began becoming much more, let's say, freeform.

I kept all those photos and at the end of summer decided to make an album. Albums are a great way to document a longer story, like a day in the life, a vacation, summertime, the holidays - really any stretch of time. It hasn't even been that long, and I already look back fondly at this album, remember how creative we got with our daily routines and ways to keep occupied. It already means so much to me, and I'm sure the boys will be fascinated looking back at all of the things we did during "The Corona."

Not all storytelling series need to be months long. Little things are also worth keeping track of, and they provide invaluable reminders of the little daily tasks that we can take for granted, but that change so quickly. If you’re wanting to showcase a shorter story, like say, making cookies, egg coloring, decorating the Christmas Tree, morning routine, trip to the park etc, one of my favorite display methods is a multi-cut framed mat. You can hang it on the wall and anyone who looks at it can see what the story is about. Here’s a quick little one about the daily struggle of getting ourselves dressed:

Another option for a shorter story is a wall collage. Wall collages are great if you have a big space that needs filling. They can be endless sizes, orientations, numbers of images - it really depends on the space and the story itself. Here’s a sample of what a wall collage could look like. The images could be printed on canvas, metal, acrylic, framed or unframed. It’s entirely up to you! They're great in family rooms, nurseries, staircases, entry ways, playrooms - really anywhere!

So what’s involved in a shoot like this?

Storytelling photos can be achieved in a number of ways. I find the most authentic are in your home, but a field trip or outdoor activity can also make for a great series. This type of session is extremely customizable and can vary in length from an hour to a good chunk of a day. We can shoot pieces of day like your morning or bedtime routine, an activity like baking, egg dying, a craft project, etc. Washing the dog, washing the car, playing outside...really the sky is the limit. We can also shoot a "day in the life" where I'd spend a good portion of your day as a fly on the wall, capturing the connections and activities that make you a family. If you'd like more info on the session visit my Storytelling page.

If you have an idea just ask! And if you don't, that's fine too. I have lots of ideas and I have a nice little questionnaire I can send your way that can help us brainstorm!


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