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Fun and Creative Gender Reveal Photo Session Ideas

Your pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of your life with so many special milestones along the way. Finding out whether you’ll be welcoming a little boy or girl into the world is one such milestone and what better way to capture it and share it with family and friends than with a fun gender reveal photo session. There are so many creative ways to tell the world whether your little one is going to be a he or a she. Below are just a few creative ideas that you can use to reveal the gender of your new little bundle of joy. 1) Bake a cake. Cake reveals are more popular than ever. Bring your surprise gender reveal cake or cupcakes along to the shoot and capture the moment that you and your partner find out the gender of your baby. Bring the family along too so that you can photograph the excitement on everyone’s faces as they share this moment with you.

2) Bring on the balloons. Photographing a balloon release on camera is extra special, especially if the new big brother or sister is also involved. Pack your pink or blue balloons into a large box and release them into the sky as your photographer captures this joyful moment. Another option is to add some blue or pink confetti to a balloon and pop it to reveal your baby’s gender. 3) Mix up some paint. While paint can be a little messy, it’s definitely one of the more fun ways to announce the gender of your new baby. Have a paint fight, get the siblings to paint a pink or blue mural or paint your tummy for a cute effect.

Gender revealing photo sessions are a great way to announce your wonderful news to family and friends. You can print your announcement, share it on social media or even create a holiday card. Take this time to have some fun during one of the many wonderful moments of parenthood.

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