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Policies & FAQs

How do I book my session?

To book your session first contact me I will reach out either phone or email (please specify your preference) to discuss details like time/date/location. We'll also discuss how you envision displaying and enjoying your final images and your budget. 

Life Happens! What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation under 48 hours without rescheduling (*excluding acceptable cancellation) will result in forfeiture of the 50% deposit. If you have already paid the entire amount I will refund 50%. If we need to reschedule for a reason not included on the acceptable cancellation list a $40.00 rescheduling fee will apply. 

If you need to cancel with more than 48 hours notice for a reason not on the acceptable cancellation list I will refund your payment less a $50 fee. If we need to reschedule for a reason not included on the acceptable cancellation list a $30.00 rescheduling fee will apply. 

*Acceptable cancellation:


  • Illness/Death/Emergency - Please let me know as soon as possible if you are unable to make it due to any of the listed reasons. (Note: if your child has a cold, but is in good spirits and you are comfortable we can continue as planned, however please do not bring a contagious or fevered child to the shoot). If we need to reschedule we will pick a date that works for both parties. If, after exhausting all options, we absolutely cannot find a date that will work I will refund your payment.

  • Inclement weather - I will notify you in advance if the weather looks questionable and we will discuss the best plan of action. If we need to reschedule we will pick a date that works for both parties. If, after exhausting all options, we absolutely cannot find a date that will work I will refund your payment.

Late Policy

I will allow a window of 10 minutes if you are running late before beginning to deduct time from the session. For example, 10 minutes late will still result in a one hour session, but 15 minutes would be a 55 minute session. Please contact me in the event you are running late so I can plan accordingly.

What do you mean by a minimum of 5-15 photos? Shouldn't there be more in an hour?

This is a good question. I have put this minimum in place for a few reasons.

First, I will be shooting pretty much non-stop for an hour, which results in literally hundreds of photos. Out of those photos maybe 40% will be decent. We're working with babies and toddlers here - they're fast, unpredictable and usually not super cooperative when it comes to posing for a picture.


So from those 40% of decent photos I then go through and find the best ones - best faces, best focus, best background, everyone looking in the right direction, no blinking, no crying, no windy hair, etc etc.


From there I take another look and pick the best of the best. I then edit them to make sure they're as beautiful as possible. Although editing takes time, it is one of my favorite parts of the process where I get to really apply my art background.

Another thing keep in mind is you don't want too many photos.  What does that mean? This is an hour shoot in one location (despite the fact that we will move to different areas to vary the backgrounds). You probably don't want 10 versions of the same picture with the same background, general pose, clothing etc. You want the BEST ones that you can frame, blow up into beautiful canvases or add to a photo book.

Very rarely will you only receive 5-15 photos, usually many more,  but I like to have a minimum just in case the unforeseen happens. In the rare, practically impossible, instance that I do not meet the minimum 5-15 usable images, we will schedule a reshoot. This has never happened, but never say never.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, the minimum does NOT mean that is all I want to give you. I will give you every photo I consider a "win" and that you deserve to have. I will not withold beautiful images for the sake of numbers. If, by chance, every photo turns out to be a keeper, you will get every photo! These are your memories and they belong to you!

What should we wear/bring?


  • When thinking about your wardrobe, first consider the location you've chosen including the season. Will there be a lot of green? Buildings? Water? etc. What colors will that include and what might complement it best.

  • Try to choose clothing that is bold and will pop, but is not busy or distracting.

  • It's sometimes fun to consider a theme such as a vintage inspired look. You are welcome to change your child's clothing during the shoot, but keep in mind how much time it might take.

  • Make sure you and the kiddos are comfortable!

  • Accessories like hats, jackets, bowties, head bands etc are easy ways to vary a look.

  • Consider bringing along a favorite toy that you might want to include in some of the photos.

  • I have some props on hand, but if you want something specific please feel free to bring it. If you want to know what I have available just ask.

  • I will always bring a blanket to sit on. I sometimes bring a rusty red wagon, depending on the location and age of the children. If you specifically want it for photos let me know.

Helpful Tips for Happy Kids

  • Make sure everyone is rested and fed prior to the shoot

  • Bring along a toy, phone, song etc that you know your child likes and is interested in (mainly for babies)

  • This is a team effort. Come prepared to jump, dance, run, make faces, etc. - don't forget your pre-shoot coffee.

  • Older children may require bribes. Don't feel guilty.

  • Toddlers:

    • Toddlers are a special breed of person. They are often put off by a stranger following them around with a camera, which I'd say is a pretty healthy reaction. This is expected. Please don't try to force your child to smile, be happy, sit still etc. The best strategy off the bat is to just go with the flow. Let them warm up to the situation and environment for a bit while I snap away in the background. Once they are more comfortable we can work on some "posing" (ie attempting to get them in a specific spot for 1-3 seconds, if we're lucky.) The best way I've found to get natural photos that reflect their individual personality is to let them do their thing and guide them where we can. Too much pressure tends to result in disaster, so try to keep it light and casual.

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