Mother's Day Special!


"Digital Background Photo Shoot"

Quick and easy, shoot takes no more than 15 minutes!

Receive your image in time for Mother's Day!


Where? Kids' Fun Stop, West Roxbury MA

When? March 25th and 26th, 2016

Before & After Samples

After (1)
After (2)

Background Options

Spring Path
This is a great choice for toddlers who can sit, stand or walk as well as older children
Forest Path A
This is a great choice for toddlers who can sit, stand or walk as well as older children
Forest Path B
This is a great choice for toddlers who can sit, stand or walk, as well as older children
This is best with an older child who would naturally be taller than the grass in a standing pose
Sunset Flowers
This is best with an older child who would naturally be taller than the grass in a standing pose
Flower Basket
This is a good option for a smaller baby or toddler. they will be posed in a similar basin that will later be digitally replaced with the pictured basket
Leafy Woods
This background works great for walking toddlers or older children
Yellow Flowers
This is best with an older child who would naturally be taller than the grass in a standing pose
This is best with an older child who would naturally be taller than the flowers in a standing pose
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Please read this FAQ to learn more about how to prepare and what to expect during the shoot.


What is a "digital background photo shoot?"


  • This is when I shoot the photos of your child in front of a blank backdrop and cut them out and insert them into a pre-shot background using Photoshop.  Subjects are posed during the shoot with the specifically chosen background in mind.

    Once the two photos are combined, lighting and focal adjustments are made and any additional enhancements are added to make the photo appear cohesive and believable.


What do I need to know before going in to my child’s shoot?


How should I dress my child?

  • Clothing choices are up to you. You can choose clothes based on the overall feel of the background (seasonal, magical, timeless, etc) or your children can simply wear their every day clothing. Clothing will not affect the process, but may affect the overall feel of the finished product (i.e. heavy winter clothing in a spring time photo). This is something to take into consideration when choosing an outfit.


How do I know what the background will be?

  • I have posted all of the background options on my website for you to choose from. You do not need to inform me in advance of your choice, but please make sure you have considered your options before coming in. The background you choose will dictate the types of poses your child might be in. We will sort out what pose works best at the time of the shoot based on the background itself, the child’s size/age, and their cooperation in achieving the necessary poses


Do you have props? Should I bring anything?

  • I will bring a few small props that you may or may not want to use. If you have something you’d like to bring feel free. A great idea is a favorite lovey, as a photo of a child with something so special to them is a great way to celebrate your child’s best friend.


Will my background look exactly like the sample?

  • Probably not exactly. During the editing process I like to work with each photo individually to create something truly unique for each client. I base the decisions on the lighting, coloring of your child, and overall mood. Special requests can be made, such as the addition of butterflies, bubbles and animals, and I am generally able to work them in.  Keep in mind, from time to time there is a pose or situation where it does not look realistic and I will inform you if that is the case. (If you do NOT want any of these additions please let me know at the time of the shoot) You can expect that the background will be the same photo you originally chose, but the coloring, lighting, and mood may have been altered. By signing up you trust my ability to make artistic choices that will only enhance the final image.


What time of day should I book my session?

  • Please try to book your session during a time that your child is not overtired, hungry etc. The less that is bothering your child, the smoother the process will be.


How long will this take?

  • Slots will be booked in 15 minute increments, but since only one final photo is needed, if we get it on the first try, you’re done! Time to play!


What time of day is this happening

  •  We have two blocks of time availalble:
    -Friday from 3pm-6pm
    -Satuday from 9:30am-12:30pm

  • Slots will be booked in 15 minute increments within these blocsk. Please contact me to book your space.


Will it be total chaos or are we in a quiet area?

  • Shooting will take place at Kids’ Fun Stop in West Roxbury in a private back room normally used for parties. We are able to close the doors to help children become less distracted. You can expect a backdrop set up that will either be black or white (depending on you child’s hair color) and a set of photo lights.


I have an idea in mind, can we discuss?

  • I’m happy to discuss any custom ideas with you. Please keep in mind though that this is a mini shoot and does have limitations. I’m very willing to chat though and see if we can make it happen.


Can I bring more than one child?

  • More than one child is fine, but please keep in mind that the set is small. Three children is most likely the maximum that will fit.


What do I get in the end?

  • You will receive one high resolution digital image of your final photo delivered via an online digital gallery (or via DVD based upon request, which is an additional $2.00 and can be picked up at Kids' Fun Stop). You will have the ability to order professional quality prints through this gallery if you wish (as well as canvas prints, mugs, magnets etc), or you can download the file and get it printed elsewhere. Please keep in mind that the quality of prints offered through the gallery will be the best.


When do I get my photo?

  • Your photo will be available on or before April 26th, which will allow time for you to have your file printed at the business of your choice for Mother's Day. I also recommend purchasing a frame for wrappign ;)  Mother’s Day is May 8th!


Does anything else come with my session?

  • For booking a session you will receive:

    • Free admission to Kids’ Fun Stop the day of the shoot. Feel free to come early or stick around after.

    • $25 off a full spring/summer Chickey Boston outdoor photography session


How do I book my session?


How do I pay?

  • I require a $25 deposit to hold your spot, which can be paid by mail with a check, or via Paypal (located on the contact page) plus an additional $2.00 (to cover paypal processing charges). Payment must be received to confirm your space. The remaining balance can be paid with check or cash the day of the shoot. Once you contact me regarding booking I will send you the payment address.


Where is Kids’ Fun Stop?

  • Kids’ Fun Stop is located at 1580 VFW Pky, West Roxbury MA


A very special thank you to Kids' Fun Stop for hosting this event!



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