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Imagine a work of art on your wall featuring your own child! Your little becomes the subject of these fantastical creations mimicking the style of fine art paintings with textures, soft colors and even added paint strokes. Each image is unique, as is each of your children. We will discuss themes and interests that are meaningful to you and your child and custom design a world, or you may choose from a gallery of pre-created backgrounds. The best part of this method is how easy it is for you and your kiddos. Generally only a few images are needed, and siblings can be photographed separately and added together later, eliminating stress about everyone looking great in the same shot! Typically photographed in studio, the poses may look difficult to achieve, but don't worry! I have many tricks up my sleeve!

Fine Art Paintings are best displayed on framed canvas, acrylic or metal. I recommend our premium hand painted, museum quality canvas for a true wow factor!


Available as its own "fine art package" or as an add on to a family session, these images are sure to wow friends and family and provide you with a work of art to cherish forever. 

Session fee includes an image credit to put towards your final wall art and comes with a set of matching postcards to send to family with every purchase.

Happy Holidays

"This is Parenting" Series

Or consider a super fun alternative and a truly unique experience -  my "This is Parenting"series! A fully customized session just for you! We will work together to come up with an outline of what the final image will entail, but it will combine chaos, humor, and what it sometimes feels like to be a parent! This is a fun project for the whole family and creates a truly one a kind piece of art!

Session fee includes credit to put towards wall art and comes with a set of post cards to send to family with every purchase.

This is Family:
"This is Quarantine"
-Chickey Little Photography

Quarentine Composite LOGO.jpg

This is Family:
"This is Christmas"
-Chickey Little Photography

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