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The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do."

-Andy Warhol

Why do you want to hire a photographer? No, really. It's a lot of effort when you think about it. You need to research and find someone who shares your values and style. And once you do that there's the prep and shoot itself - bribing family members, assembling the troops, wondering why your always-cheery baby is suddenly a I want you to really ask yourself, "Why am I doing this? And what do I want from these images in the end?"


Maybe you have a big space available above your couch that you'd love to fill with a big family portrait. Maybe you're never in the family pictures and you'd just like some proof of your existence in this family. Maybe you dropped the ball on your holiday cards last year and it's not going to happen again! Or maybe you're realizing how quickly your littles are growing and you want to capture some of these precious moments in a beautiful and artistic way. Whatever your goals are, I'm here to help you achieve them.

With each client I set out to provide a level of service that goes beyond simply photographing your family, and that's what sets me apart. You're not hiring me to only take your pictures - you want a full service experience. You want luxury, you want someone to guide your decision making, someone who will provide you with information and assistance throughout the entire process, and you want end up with a buttoned up, finalized experience that you don't need to put any more time into. I want to give you an experience you'll remember, where attention is given to every question, request, and suggestion. I want to make sure, that when we are through, you are left with a completed product. Can't decide what size frame or need help designing a gallery wall? Let me show you digital mock ups, right on your own walls! Don't want the headache of laying out your album? I do that for you and send you a digital version where you can add revision requests and comments! Not sure what to do with prints? I have a variety of fully customizable options such as matted portfolios and heirloom boxes and can help you with all of your selections. Need a gift? Let me help you decide! I'm here for you, from start to finish.


Much like you might invest in quality of life experiences such as travel, beauty regiments, designer goods or a night out, preserving your family's ever changing memories is perhaps one of the greatest investments of all! 

The session fee acts as your deposit to reserve your date and covers photographer time, editing

and administrative services.

Digital Negatives and Print Products are NOT included in the session fee

but are available through the purchase of a Collection or a la carte. 


Family & Newborn*

*Inquire for all other session pricing


Everybody is different, right?
And I know that when it comes to what you're looking for in a photographer there are two types of people:
Those who want the INGREDIENTS and those who want the CAKE!
And that's why I've designed two unique experiences for both of you.

The Ingredients.

You're a DIYer.

You want the digitals because you just love designing. Laying out albums, shopping for frames, choosing your holiday cards. And I get it! Hey, I'm a designer too!  Because I understand your need for the ingredients I've designed my digital collections just for you!

Each collection will include a number of digital negatives and a print credit.

Your print credit can be used to purchase professional heirloom and museum quality products including prints, wall art, albums, folios, gifts and more.

Digital Collections with print credit begin at $795

The Custom Cake.

You don't have the time or energy to put into figuring out how to use your pictures after your session.
You're not particularly interested in the digitals because what will you do with them besides post them to social media? You're looking for tangible products  and art to hang on your walls and keep for your children and you just want someone to get it done.
That's me!

I'm passionate about bringing you the highest quality custom wall art and heirlooms. I work with you to create artwork that fits your personal style and home decor.

After your photos are edited we will set up an in-person ordering appointment where we will make all necessary decisions to complete your goals for your photos.  All you need to do is nod or shake your head, sip your beverage and let me do the rest!

Products are a la carte with no upfront cost
Schedule your pre-consultation today for more information

Pricing and products are subject to change without notice


Get an up close look at some of my most popular products with these short videos!

Let's keep in touch!

I'd love to keep you up to date with special news and offers! And as a thank you I'd love to send you a very cool free gift! My six page guide:

Crash Course: A 101 Guide to Taking Great Photos of Your Family

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