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I have a step by step approach to my sessions...
First, what do YOU want?

Ah, family photos. They can trigger sort of a love/hate feeling, am I right? We want them! We love them! They are irreplaceable!  But man, can they be stressful. That's why we're here to help! From planning your custom session and talking critical shots, to literally going through your wardrobe to make sure your outfits are going to look amazing, to in-home hair and make up, to hand delivery of final artwork to your door, we do everything we can to make this experience easy and enjoyable!

No need to fear. We have kids too, and we get it...

Family pictures should be fun! It's important to take into consideration the comfort level of not only your children but you as well. During the shoot I will provide direction, suggestions and games to help everyone relax, as well as set up and location ideas along the way, and while I will make suggestions regarding positioning we tend to keep things pretty natural, capturing both beautiful portrait style images and authentic moments during our time together!


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