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Portraits don't have to be serious. They don't have to be posed and stuffy. These are your kids! They should be taken in a way that lets their personality shine through! Portraits are one of my favorite types of images to shoot. I love the ability to see mischief in their eyes, or sassiness in their pose. I also love being able to creatively edit these images and turn them into a very special piece of artwork just for you! 

I'm happy to discuss style, wardrobe, color schemes and more prior to the shoot. I can also offer use of my collection of dresses and boys outfits ranging in age from 6 months to 4 years old. 


Portrait sessions can be shot outdoors or in your home and typically take up to an hour or so depending on what we're trying to achieve. Often portraits occur naturally during a family session, but if you're just seeking a few good shots to hang on the wall this is the session for you! 

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